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About Visionic

Visionic is the complete Monitoring and Control Platform Solution that can encompass the whole organization, of any type and size. It serves as a basis for a wide range of Intorel M&C software products and comes in a variety of editions. Visionic is the answer to multiple, often contradictory requirements of different industries and various market segments. It combines the simplicity of a simple drawing tool and a power of complex M&C solution.

Visionic is designed to be used for any industrial monitoring and control that requires reliability, flexibility and fast implementation. In particular, Visionic software products have been used for: DVB-S/S2 Satellite Uplink/Downlink Stations, VSAT Systems, TT&C Stations, Fixed and Mobile Microwave Links, DSNG Systems, Fiber Optic Systems, DVB-T Encoding & Multiplexing Headends, ATM/SDH/PDH/IP Transport Networks and IPTV Head-ends.

It is designed to provide integration of all your NMS subsystems into a single, convenient solution. From there, you can detect, connect and operate your remote or in-house equipment in any way possible.

In 2002, Intorel launched the first version of later to become its flagship product - Visionic. During the last decade, the product has been carefully revised and wisely improved, year after year. Profound experience and undeniable expertise of our engineers made it to become what it is today – established as an industry standard, proven by hundreds of systems and recommended by the most distinguished companies around the world.


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