INTOREL is dedicated to development of ground-breaking, yet affordable; powerful but convenient, accessible software solutions. Our products are carefully tailored to suit our customer’s needs, regardless of how unique or special they might be.

Software solutions, supplementary hardware and tools that can be used for any industrial monitoring, controlling and automating application irrespective of type and size of an organization.


Visionic5 Professional 

visinicprofgreyCarefully tailored to suit all our customer's needs and designed in cooperation with hundreds of network engineers. Visionic5 Professional is designed to provide integration of all your subsystems into a single screen. From there, you can detect, connect and operate your remote or in-house equipment in any way you can possibly imagine. Visionic5 Professional is the only telecom-grade monitoring and controlling solution that can encompass almost whole organization (data centers, headends, backbones, HFC networks, satellite uplinks and downlinks, broadcasters etc.).learn_more

 Visionic Frontline


Visionic Frontline is a perfect solution for small systems and provides full control for 7-15 devices. So far, Visionic Frontline is used in broadcasting industry, for the control of outside broadcasting vans (OB), SNG cars, Mobile VSAT flyaway stations, etc; as well as their integration into central systems/network. The M&C system only needs very narrow network bandwidth to transfer its information to the GUI workstation.learn_more

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 Visionic VSAT

visionicsvsatblue2 Visionic VSAT license is suitable for VSAT and SNG stations. It is a perfect solution for small systems that provides full control for up to 7 devices. Technical requirements are minimal - therefore initial investment and maintenance cost are low. The system is pre-designed in factory and does not include design license.  learn_more

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Visionic Spectrum Analyzer 2.0

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Visionic Spectrum Analyzer 2.0 (VSA) is an Add-On and Standalone software solution which will enable the user, through an intuitive GUI, to perform advanced analysis and signal measurements. VSA 2.0 allows remote monitoring of your physical devices; it can monitor different Spectrum Analyzer devices from various PCs, anywhere on the network. The software includes all the features of the physical, hardware SA device, but is enhanced with a broad range of intelligent add-ons.  learn_more