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Visionic5 Professional

We are proud to present Visionic5 Professional by INTOREL - the only telecom-grade monitoring and controlling (M&C) solution that can encompass almost whole organization. Everything from the input stages – basebands and re-multiplexing, to the output stages – uplinks or any other – in front of you, on a single screen. 

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With Visionic5 Professional you can detect, connect and operate your remote or in-house equipment any way you can possibly imagine. Visionic5 Professional can be used with diverse equipment and hundreds of device drivers manufactured by well-known companies such as Cisco, Newtec, ASC Signal, Advantech, CPI, ND SatCom, Vertex, Codan, Comtech, ETL Evertz, MCL, Miteq Mitec, Peak Paradise, Radyne, Rhodes & Schwartz, Tandberg and many others.  


Visionic5 Professional is based on a very simple idea – the engineer draws the system and this drawing is compiled into the standalone, client-server solution. Visionic sophisticated GUI, based on Microsoft Visio® contains libraries with hundreds of devices to allow you a simple “drag and drop” of selected device into your system design. Clear, uninterrupted and properly relayed signal is the very essence of quality broadcasting. We are truly dedicated to this goal.

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