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Enterprise Maintenance

enterprise-bigRegardless of your size, scope of your services or the number of outsourcing companies you employ, you can profit from Intorel framework agreement.

This innovative plan of service level support grants you an access to the latest technology, information and customer support services which will enable you to protect your investment and to persistently improve your productivity.

Your subscription upgrades you to a privileged member of Visionic user’s community and grants you an opportunity to actively influence future versions of the product.

In order to reply to your expectations, as a part of the framework agreement we propose you the following services:

» Comprehensive Support
» Training and Services

» Web Services

Intorel Comprehensive Support

  • Hotline Support Service – (9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday-Friday)
  • Email Reports - An unlimited number of email reports relevant to problem resolutions
  • Visionic Call Center – An advanced web interface for tracking problematic issues
  • Visionic 24/7 Support - Special support managed by our highly experienced Visionic experts
  • Priority of response time – Provision of quick fixes or final resolutions within a guaranteed period of time
  • Onsite Support - the most efficient way to start working and improve efficiency quickly after the installation or upgrade
  • Remote Support - Support Service Engineer will hold a remote session to cooperate and interact with you in order to solve your issues as quickly as possible.

Intorel Training and Services

  • On-Site Consultancy - Full On-site Audit conducted by an Intorel support service engineer
  • Preventive Maintenance - Periodic System Audits essential to keeping your system healthy and fully optimized
  • Training Services - Onsite Training Day for your operators where the attendees will learn how to operate and maintain a typical Visionic system

Intorel web services:

  • Data Center Management - A Recovery Platform Center available on Intorel website. Data Center Management allows you to store and restore a single object or the entire system for backup purposes or in case of disaster recovery
  • Software Upgrades – software upgrades from previous versions to version 4.x
  • Update Online Services – The updates typically include new and improved device drivers and/or resolution of minor problems and issues
  • User Community - The User Community, built by Visionic users, allows sharing of the benefits and experiences related to Intorel products and solutions. Intorel hosts multiple discussion forums on its Web site (http://www.intorel.com) along with tutorials, presentations, product documentations and other resources.
  • In addition to increased networking opportunities, framework agreement offers you an opportunity to directly influence the future product developments.
  • Hardware Provision Services – Intorel follows and advises you on making the best selection of Monitoring and Control hardware products.
  • Moreover, Intorel assists and carries out the process of purchasing the equipment you have selected - at no additional cost.