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Online Support Services

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Regardless of you being a designer, operations manager or a sales director, you can profit from Intorel’s plan of innovative software service level support. As a designer, you are entitled to automatic upgrades which will keep you up to date with the latest M&C software versions and other Visionic complementary products. As a sales director, you will have an access to the newest technology, information and customer support services which will enable you to protect your investment and to persistently improve your productivity. Your yearly subscription upgrades you to a privileged member of Visionic user’s community and grants you an opportunity to actively influence future versions of the product.

Classic Support

  • Online Support Forums
  • Support Ticketing Workflow
  • Knowledgebase
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Skype or Phone Support
  • Remote Support
  • Resources
  • Project Workspace
  • Download & Upload Manager
  • Live Chat

Design&Runtime Support

  • Secure Remote Technical Assistance
  • Customization of the Visionic System Design
  • Testing of Visionic Environment
  • Troubleshooting Assistance
  • Priority of Response Time
  • Customization of Visionic System Runtime
  • Registered as Intorel Partners

Custom Support

  • Local Assistance Services
  • 24/7 Support
  • Training
  • Visionic Certifications
  • M&C Engineering Consultancy
  • Visionic System Personalization
  • Customized M&C Engineering Service
  • Registered as Intorel Partners

How does it work ?

Subscription to the annual support plan allows you to access numerous advantages. In order to use all these benefits you need to login using your user id and password before submitting service requests. Registration is quick and free.

Hotline Operation Hours

Normal support hours are 9am to 6pm Luxembourg time, business days. A 24×7 service level support option is available in addition to either support package. More detailed and contact information here.

Support Center Community [my community space]

Upgrades and improvements. Obtain automatic upgrades to keep you up to date with the latest M&C Visionic software and more. Subscribers are entitled to software service packs and upgrades of all the complementary products without any additional expenses. The Visionic development team permanently works on improving the product and solving problems posted by customers. Newsletter keeps subscribers informed and up-to-date with latest news and software upgrades.

Hotline support services. Subscription to Visionic Service Level Support entitles you to a hotline support provided by Intorel team. Hotline is reserved for questions and enquiries related to product functionalities, device drivers, installation problems and quick breakdown patch ups. Intorel team offers provision of additional services, such as training, design consultations, planning and product personalization, at additional fee.

Help online & resources. Intorel website (www.intorel.com) is a source of diverse technical documentation, user manual, tutorials and white papers, reserved exclusively for customers subscribed to the service level support. Subscribers have 24/7 access to up-to date information, posted on daily bases. Online resources create an interactive base of knowledge to ensure understanding of principal product functionalities and ways to maximally benefit from your Visionic software.

Web Helpdesk. So useful and easy to use, from now on you are entitled to a complete web based technical support system to assist you when ever you need. Our help desk system allows you to track the status of submitted requests, post follow-up notes, attached files and correspond with Intorel help desk operators in a bulletin board fashion. The new Intorel support provides help online with a particular advantage—it can be accessed from anywhere and on almost any available mobile device.

Dedicated Workspace. Because we deeply think that "Communication" is the most important part during your whole project lifecycle, Intorel proposes you a complete workspace platform allowing you to accelerate decision-making time, to boost productivity, and to increase mobility and collaboration. Get a quick glimpse of the latest activity on your projects, create prioritized milestones, which include prioritized tasks that can be assigned to multiple collaborators. Simple time tracking on a per-project and per-user basis. Add notes for each time entry. Share your files with the file management and use the discussion board for conversations connected to a project. Keep track of important conversations with your team, your clients and Intorel team.

Privileging process. In order to address its customer specific needs, Intorel has a policy of carefully customizing product features to service any system of any size and complexity. Subscription to Visionic's service level support allows you to directly influence the future versions of product.