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Turnkey Services

turnkey-image-bigThe Intorel Turnkey Services are designed to provide full Visionic system customization to meet customer’s unique application and M&C requirements. Turnkey solutions include management of the complete life cycle of monitoring and control system implementation; from development and verification to the successful integration, testing and certification.

This way, you get fully optimized, ready-to-use Visionic M&C system.



There are numerous advantages of employing one company to bring your M&C system to full completion:

  • A single point of responsibility for project performance
  • Our team will manage the M&C system installation, leaving you enough time to manage your own business
  • Costs are significantly reduced due to the simplified organizational structure
  • Schedule can be compressed since all the project activities are coordinated within the same company

The System Integrator program offers to system integrators the: tools, engineering and training they need to help market their complete range of customer solutions, services and service level support. By learning and effectively using our products we help the system integrators to better understand why, how and when to use particular technique or product. This in turn will guarantee the optimal execution of a project using state-of-the-art, effective and stable technical solutions.

The following services are proposed to system integrators:

  • Initial engineering services
    These services provide complete hardware and software solutions for a given project. The solution is delivered with full training and explanations to the system integrator, and it is ideal starting point for using the Visionic line of products.
  • Training for the Visionic line of products
    The training course is designed toward better understanding and optimal system design using Visionic line of products
  • Full system integration
    Upon request, we can provide turnkey systems using our solutions. The typical system includes complete hardware, hardware installation, software and its installation, service level support and operator training.