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Visionic Software Training


Visionic training is the most efficient way to get a full grasp of both theory and application of Intorel products and its features. Courses are taught by the same people who maintain your projects. More than to be Visionic expert, they have used most of the major proprietary tools as well, and can demonstrate the analogous features in the Visionic application.

Intorel save your company's time and money

The training sessions are intended for customer’s engineers and operators. Time and location is a subject of mutual agreement between customer and Intorel. Training sessions are free for support owners and charged per session, not per seat. Besides regular courses, advanced sessions can be aranged upon request. To find out more, please contact us.

Visionic Engineer training

The Engineer training is made for engineers who need to design and maintain Visionic. During this four-day course the attendees will learn how to design, test and build a typical Monitoring and Controlling system. The course is adapted to the station engineers and maintenance personnel. Read more

Engineer training

Day 1

  • Preparation - design of the M&C system
  • Building the typical M&C system
  • Setting the different properties that reflect the design
  • Compilation and error checking
  • EIRP calculation elements
  • Calculation (software-only) elements

Day 2

  • Building the automation into the system
  • Typical example - simple auto backup
  • Example II - enforcing rules of the RF design
  • Complex automation
  • Testing the auto-backup and automation systems

Day 3

  • Security of the system
  • Enforcing the low-level security
  • Enforcing the user-managed security
  • Take-release control mechanism
  • SNMP device definition Unlimited

Day 4

  • Operator training
  • How to operate the system
  • How the system behaves
  • Resolving network and other problems
  • Setting up and checking logging and trending

Visionic Operator training

During this one-day course the attendees will learn how to operate and maintain a typical Visionic system. The course is adapted to the station personnel, operators and maintenance personnel. Read more

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